Scott Jordan Artifact Art + Bottles

Union Square Holiday Market 2017

November 16 to December 24
Broadway at 14th St. NYC

Check out this writeup in the New York Times:
For the Bottle Man, Business Is (Happily) in the Toilet

Digging in an East Village 1850's privy

1650-1780 Revolutionary War and Colonial Artifacts from Lower Manhattan

Finding 1850's medicine bottles

1940's rubber bunny, Bronx.

1950's plastic toys, Brooklyn.

1860's kitty skull, Queens.

1850's J Boardman soda bottle, Queens.

1850's painted glazed marble, Queens.

1910's cone inkwell, Bronx.

The Book

Past Objects

I've been digging for forty years, starting as a child back in 1964. I played in the woods of Connecticut, leaving the house in the morning with a little bit of food in a small candy tin. I liked climbing trees to look in bird nests and building forts and playing Indian. My brother Darrell and I sometimes searched for fossils. We would go to a special place where there were lots of rocks and choose a chunk and tap it on the edge until it cracked open. This fossil is the only thing that I have from that time except for some family photos.

One day in 1966, my father told us that we were moving to New York City. He told us we would see buildings taller than any trees in the forest and live on an island with a beach around it. I was very upset, I didn't want to leave my beloved forest and become a city kid. My father was in the Coast Guard and we were headed for Governors Island. On our last day with everything packed in the moving truck and my family in a VW bus, I had a pain in my heart. I fought back tears by repeating to myself, "I'll never be city kid. I'll never be city kid."

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Selling bottles at Greenflea.

Scott selling bottles at the Greenflea Market in NYC.

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